The Advantage Card
Our prepaid fuel card solution

The Advantage Card offers the same great perks as The Fuel Store Card, offering unrivalled network coverage across a range of brands. But, with no credit check required, the Advantage Card is the ideal fuel card solution for start-ups or companies with low credit ratings. 

Get free access to our customer portal, giving you an easy way to manage spend, pay bills, access HMRC-compliant invoicing, and benefit from a suite of management tools.

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No credit checks

A simple, no-risk way to get your hands on a corporate fuel card. Reduce your fuel spend, without the need for credit checks.

Extensive Coverage

With an unrivalled network of more than 3,500 sites, and 900 HGV sites, you’re never far from a participating forecourt.

Fleets of all types

The Advantage Card can be used to fuel cars, vans, HGVs or mixed fleets - whatever the size of your fleet or breadth of your operation.

Improved cost control

Get reduced prices on commercial fuel. Forecast and monitor your fuel spend, pay online, and access HMRC compliant invoices.

The Advantage Card Features

Manage your fuel card and fleet services online, 24/7

The Fuel Store Customer Portal puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to manage your fuel card and fleet management tools anytime, anywhere. Get instant access to your fuel spend and usage across your business, including driver insights and transactions, card and budget management tools, a fuel pump locator, and HMRC compliant invoicing.

Unrivalled network coverage, UK wide

The Advantage Card is a prepaid fuel card that offers the same extensive nationwide coverage as our popular Fuel Store Card. With more than 3,500 sites, and 900 HGV sites, you can use your card in every town and city in the UK, and on the roads and motorways that connect them.

Transparency and trust

We pride ourselves on delivering better. Better prices. Better products. Better service. Our team goes above and beyond to deliver fleet management insights and actionable advice that will keep your business moving. Our T&Cs are clear and transparent, too - with no nasty surprises or confusing fees. We’re more than just a fuel card, we’re a partner for the long haul.

The perfect choice for fleets of all sizes

The Advantage Card can be used to prepay for fuel up and down the country, including local supermarkets, motorways and truck stops - making it ideal for cars, vans, HGVs or mixed fleets. Whatever the size of your fleet, breadth of your travels, or credit status, The Advantage Card can help to fuel your journey.

Fuel Card Connected Services

Get More From Your Fuel Cards

Included With Fuel Cards Included With Fuel Cards

Customer Portal

Complete control of your fuel card account and driver transactions, online, 24/7.
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Fuel AI

Optimise your fleet management and reduce fuel spend by 5%-9%, with data driven insights.
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Fuel fraud is on the increase. Protect your business and reduce risk by monitoring live transactions.
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The Clean Air Partnership

Focused on sustainability? Offset your carbon footprint through our Clean Air Partnership.

Station Finder

Instantly find the nearest station that accepts your chosen fuel card. We keep your moving, wherever your journey takes you.

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What Our Customers Say

All Your Advantage Card Questions Answered

What is a prepaid fuel card?

With most fuel cards, you fill up, then pay the invoice later. However, with a prepaid fuel card, you top up first, then you use the available credit to fill up on fuel. Think of it like a fuel card version of a pay-as-you go phone!

What are the benefits of a prepaid fuel card?

Prepaid fuel cards allow fleet owners to keep a tight control over how much is spent on fuel. With no credit check required, they can also be a great way for start-ups, or companies with a poor credit rating, to access cheaper fuel.

How do I top up my prepaid fuel card?

As the name suggests, prepaid fuel cards must be topped up before use. Our Advantage Card can be topped up via our online customer portal, using a debit or credit card. This allows users to top-up their cards and track spend 24/7. Cards can also be topped up by speaking to our team, who will be happy to help.

What type of business is The Advantage Card suited to?

The Advantage Card offers the same unrivalled multi-network coverage as The Fuel Store Card, but instead of weekly invoices, companies must pre-pay for their fuel. The card can be used all over the UK, anywhere from supermarkets to motorway service stations, and over 900 HGV sites. This combination of a vast network and well-known fuel brands makes it suitable for companies of all sizes, whether operating a fleet of cars, vans, HGVs, or a mixed fleet. It is particularly suitable for startups, companies with a poor credit score, or those who simply want closer control over spending.

Which brands are covered by The Advantage Card?

The AdvantageCard covers more than 3,500+ multi-branded sites and 900+ truck stops. These include brands such as BP, Shell, Esso, Murco, Texaco, Total, Jet, Morrisons, Gold, Applegreen, Moto and Welcome Break.

Can I use The Advantage Card nationwide?

The Advantage Card can be used in every single postcode area in mainland GB and Northern Ireland - giving it 100% UK postcode coverage. All towns and cities, and the A roads and motorways connecting them.

What services do I get when I sign up for an Advantage card?

All of our fuel cards also come with free access to our online customer portal. This online tool gives you complete control over your fuel cards and, for prepaid cards, provides an easy way to top up, 24/7. Access HMRC compliant invoicing, monitor your fuel spend, manage fuel cards, and identify trends and insights to improve your fleet management. For a small additional fee, your portal experience can be upgraded to include additional analytics, tools for driver safety and compliance, CO2 tracking and offsetting, and much more. We also offer fraud protection tools, for complete fleet management and peace of mind. We also offer a range of additional business tools and fleet management services, including Telematics, Bulk AdBlue, and Business Energy. All customers of The Fuel Store have a dedicated account manager who will help you to optimise your fleet management and reduce your costs.

How does The Advantage Card help my business?

The Advantage Card is a prepaid fuel card that helps to cut fuel overheads by giving users access to discounted commercial prices, without the need for a credit check. The extensive network also means drivers can stick to the most direct route, avoiding the need for costly fuel detours. Our customer portal gives users access to HMRC compliant invoices. No need to keep fuel receipts, or manage time consuming expenses, plus a simplified VAT submission. Simply log in, review, and download.

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