Paua EV
The UK’s #1 EV Charging Card

The Paua EV charge card is a market-leading electric charge card for businesses. Compatible with more than 53,000 EV charge points and with access to 73% of the UK’s rapid charging network, the Paua card makes charging your EV fleet fast, simple and sustainable.


By choosing The Fuel Store for your EV card, you get support from our friendly team, every step of the way. As well as unrivalled network coverage and access to 100% renewable energy, we give you access to our online portal, with useful fleet management tools and HMRC-compliant invoicing.

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Unrivalled EV charging network

Say goodbye to range anxiety! 53,000+ EV charge points, including Osprey, Ionity, Shell, Recharge, Mer, ESB and Fastned.

Rapid charging

The Paua network has access to over 70% of the UK’s rapid charging network, helping your drivers get back on the road, fast.

Renewable energy

Simplify your carbon reporting! With 100% renewable energy, that’s 0gCO2/kWh for all vehicles charged with the Paua EV charge card.

Online Fleet Management

Our online portal allows users to forecast and monitor spend, manage cards, pay online, and access HMRC compliant invoices.

Paua EV Charge Card Features

53,000+ EV charging stations

Make EV range anxiety a thing of the past! The Paua EV charge card gives users access to the largest roaming network of EV charge points in the UK. With Nationwide coverage of 53,000 charge points at 13,000 locations and access to 73% of all the rapid chargers in the UK, we can save your business time and money.

Manage your EV charging costs

Manage your fleet costs by accessing live data from all charging sessions, helping you to avoid pesky overstay fees and see where your drivers are charging. With a wave of the RFID-enabled EV charge card, drivers can charge up and get back on the road – with no need to fill out time-consuming expense claims. Fleet managers get one VAT-compliant receipt for the whole fleet, across all fuel cards, keeping admin time to a minimum.

Boost your fleet’s sustainability credentials

If you’ve invested in electric vehicles, then you already know the business benefits. From improved sustainability credentials and reduced carbon footprint to tax deductions and government incentives. If carbon reduction is your goal, then rest assured that we can guarantee your energy supply is 100% renewable. Simplify your carbon reporting with 0gCO2/kWh from all vehicles charged with your Paua EV charge card.

Fleet management dashboard

Whether you are managing an all-electric fleet, a hybrid fleet or just starting the transition to using electric vehicles, our customer portal gives you access to EV charging data and fuel spend. We live and breathe Fleet Management – day in, day out! Our team is here to help guide you through any obstacle, with a range of fuel card and fleet management tools at our fingertips. We’re a family you can count on.

Fuel Card Connected Services

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The Clean Air Partnership

Focused on sustainability? Offset your carbon footprint through our Clean Air Partnership.
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Fuel fraud is on the increase. Protect your business and reduce risk by monitoring live transactions.
Included With Fuel Cards Included With Fuel Cards

Customer Portal

Complete control of your fuel card account and driver transactions, online, 24/7.

EV Charge Point Finder

Instantly find the nearest station that accepts the Paua EV charge card We keep your moving, wherever your journey takes you.

What Our Customers Say

All Your EV Charge Card Questions Answered

Why choose the Paua EV charge card?

The Paua charge card is an electric vehicle charging card that offers unrivalled access to charge points across the UK. Businesses benefit from all the tools required to access public charging, auditable mileage records, and a single bill for all your charging costs.

What type of business is the Paua card suited to?

The Paua card is ideal for businesses with fleets of EVs, or mixed fleets that are undergoing transition. The fact that we can guarantee 100% renewable energy sources also makes the Paua card an ideal choice for businesses that are starving to meeting sustainability goals.

Which networks are covered by the Paua card?

There are more than 35 network partners on the Paua network - that’s 53,000 charging stations across the country. New networks and partners are continually being added. Some of them include: Ionity, Shell Recharge, ESB, Osprey, Fastned, Charge Place Scotland. Swarco, Geniepoint and

Can I use the Paua card nationwide?

Yes, absolutely. The Paua EV card offers the largest roaming network of EV charge points in the UK - 53,000 charge points at 13,000 locations and access to 73% of all the rapid chargers in the UK, we can save your business time and money.

What services do I get when I sign up for the Paua card?

All of our fuel cards also come with free access to our online customer portal. This online tool gives you complete control over your cards 24/7. Access HMRC compliant invoicing, monitor your spend, manage cards, and identify trends and insights to improve your fleet management. For a small additional fee, your portal experience can be upgraded to include additional analytics, tools for driver safety and compliance, CO2 tracking and offsetting, and much more. We also offer fraud protection tools, for complete fleet management and peace of mind. We also offer a range of additional business tools and fleet management services, including Telematics, Bulk AdBlue, and Business Energy. All customers of The Fuel Store have a dedicated account manager who will help you to optimise your fleet management and reduce your costs.

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