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How Do You Currently Control Your Vehicle Checks?

Traditionally, vehicle checks are completed on an occasional basis with the information being recorded on paper forms or in a paper logbook. Although this process meets some of the DVSA requirements, there is little opportunity for the client company to proactively manage the vehicles and sort any defects or damage that could endanger drivers and other road users.

By digitising the vehicle check, the client is better able to manage the fleet while remaining compliant and understand any vehicle issues as soon as they occur. For the driver, the check can be carried out more quickly and any defects automatically notified to the relevant person.

What Benefits Does
The Driver Toolkit Bring Me?

The Driver Toolkit app simplifies compliance with DVSA inspections and digitises the vehicle check process for commercial fleets. It automates defect notifications, provides real-time monitoring and offers valuable insights for proactive fleet management. Enhancing efficiency and promoting safety, the mobile and desktop app streamlines vehicle management.


Stay compliant with DVSA inspections for commercial vehicles, especially those over 3.5t. Conduct thorough walkarounds to avoid penalties during spot checks.


Simplify and enhance your vehicle checks with our Toolkit. Ensure roadworthiness and safety by conducting comprehensive inspections before each journey.


Prevent prohibitions and penalties by promptly addressing identified issues. Manage load weights, roadworthiness and occupational driving license validity.

Proactive Fleet

Digitise vehicle checks, automate defect notifications and optimise operations to reduce downtime and ensure a proactive approach.

Peace Of

Focus on your core business, knowing that your fleet is in excellent condition and ready for any journey.

What’s Next For The Driver Toolkit?

Additional features are coming! We are continuously working to develop new features in line with your fleet drivers’ needs. The next phase of solutions is aimed at putting more capabilities in the hands of managers and drivers.

Listed below are some other key apps that will be deployed in the future.

Site Locator

Vehicle History & Details

Pre-Paid Top Up

Driver Training

FNOL Solution

Next Steps To Find Out More

To allow us to discuss the best approach for our Driver Toolkit implementation into your business, please can you provide the following information:

  • How many vehicles do you have?
  • How do you currently process checks?
“Here at The Fuel Store the digital services that are part of this solution offering are one of the key differentiators. We strive to empower businesses like yours to streamline vehicle management, reduce manual tasks, and enhance operational efficiency."