Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions we get about fuel cards and our other services, however if you have a question which isn’t covered, we are only a phone call or email away.

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  • General Information About Fuel Cards

  • How do fuel cards work?

    Simply put, it’s a card you use to pay for fuel with, instead of using your debit or credit card. If you’re a business owner, driver or fleet manager, a fuel card provides cost savings and a much closer management of fuel spend.

    Other benefits include a fixed weekly diesel price, less administration with consolidated HMRC VAT approved invoicing and advanced security to your account. Our fuel cards are also locked down to only allow the purchase of fuel items.

    You can have more than one card linked to your account which means limiting expense management for each of your drivers.

  • How do I apply for a fuel card?

    The easiest way to apply for your fuel card is to fill out our online application form. Visit the card comparison page, to find out more about our different card options, and apply for the one best suited to your needs.

    Alternatively, if you have more questions or need help deciding which card is best for your business, contact our team who are more than happy to work with you to find the best solution.

  • Where can I use the card?

    With The Fuel Store Card and the Advantage Card, you will have access to the largest multi-branded site network in the UK. The Esso Card National Card has a large number of inner-city sites and allows you to use your card at both Esso sites as well as Shell and BP sites.

    Find your nearest fuel site by utilising our Station Finder, or locate fuel sites along your regular or ad hoc journeys by using the route planner function. Save your and your drivers time and money by maximising the efficiency of your fuel consumption. You can also download our app to your smartphone or satnav to find your nearest stations on your routes.

  • Is a fuel card linked to a driver or a vehicle?

    Fuel cards can be linked exactly the way you need it to; solely to a driver, to a driver and a vehicle together or just to the vehicle. This gives you complete control of who and how your fuel cards are used in any given situation and it provides total transparency in case you find discrepancies in spend.

  • Fuel Card Charges

  • How much do I pay for the fuel card?

    Our pricing structure is transparent and simple. You pay a one-off administration fee for processing and setting up your fuel card and account. As soon as you’re good to go, you simply pay for the fuel your business draws – this means no transaction or monthly usage fees.

    We also offer a fixed weekly fuel rate which applies to all sites on our network so you and your drivers always know what rate you will pay regardless of whether on a motorway or a local garage.

  • What can I buy with the fuel card?

    Our fuel cards are restricted so that users can only buy fuel products. This means that you can rest assured that non-fuel expense items cannot be bought – and you reduce the risk of employee misuse. When we set up your fuel card our specialists will work with you to understand what products are most suited for your fleet; additional products may include AdBlue and lubricants.

  • What are the benefits of a weekly fixed price?

    All our fuel cards come with weekly fixed pricing which simply means your fuel rate for the week is fixed in advance.

    This is a huge benefit to your business as it means your fuel costs will not be affected by fluctuating fuel prices at the pump and allows you to forecast your businesses weekly fuel spend. You and your drivers also have a single fixed rate whether filling up on the motorway or at a local station, so you always know what you are going to pay.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

    No. We are open and honest about any additional charges. Any additional services, such as THE Clean Air Partnership or FraudGuard, are opt-out and costs are always explained up front.

  • Managing Fuel Cards

  • Can I manage my fuel cards online?

    Yes you can. The Fuel Store online customer dashboard is an industry-leading solution that provides 24/7 access to essential data such as invoices and fuel spend, and it allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your existing cards or order new ones. In addition, the dashboard offers excellent features including:
    – Insights into driver behaviour
    – Fuel Spend data
    – Actionable advice and guidance

  • What are my credit terms?

    For The Fuel Store Card and the Esso Card National Card, we offer up to 14 days credit.
    When you qualify for one of our fuel card credit accounts, your credit limit will be agreed with you in line with your average fuel spend and your credit approval limit. Once up and running you will receive weekly invoices for the fuel drawn in the invoicing period, following which you will have a further 7 days to make payment.

    We also offer the Advantage Card, which is our flexible prepay option with the exact same benefits as our credit accounts – just without the credit. You simply top-up your account before use which offers great flexibility and control of your fuel spend.

  • My card has been lost or stolen, what do I do?

    As soon as you find out, log on to your online account and freeze your fuel card so it can no longer be used. Through your online account you can order a new replacement card and make sure you’re up and running again in no time.

    If you haven’t got access to your online account, please contact us straight away by phone on 0121 272 7780 or by email at during our business hours and we will freeze the fuel card for you.

    There are additional security benefits available for customers opted into FraudGuard which offers you zero liability cover for any fraudulent spending on your card (terms and conditions apply). If you have any questions about FraudGuard, please contact us.