Our People

Introducing The Fuel Store's Leadership Team. These individuals play a crucial role in guiding our organisation towards success and ensuring smooth operations in every aspect of our business.

Jamie Bridgen

Founder & CEO

Jamie’s background is Mechanical Engineering, which before founding The Fuel Store saw him design valves and actuators for naval submarines and battleships, the precision and detail is a part of everything he sets out to accomplish. He would admit that outside of work his precision can be a problem when his wife Mehma, our Co-Founder, feels he is applying this to day trips with their daughters.

Mehma Bridgen

Founder & CCO

Mehma has been immersed in psychology from very early on, having specialised in Clinical Psychology to her various roles within the police force, she is passionate about connecting with people and bringing a solution focused approach to our clients. She is also trained in project management and has openly said she can be a bit obsessed with running everything like a project, including her husband Jamie.

Mehma is a busy mum, enjoys walks and the outdoors and is a lover of the crisp autumn months.

Stephen Olanipekun

Head of Sales & Retention

In my role as the Head of Sales and Retention at the Fuel Store, I am dedicated to driving sales growth and ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Leading a team of talented professionals, I strategise sales initiatives and foster strong relationships with our valued clientele.

Key Skill Set:

My skill set encompasses sales management, customer relationship management, team leadership, and business development.

Activities & Hobbies:

Outside of work, I find joy in various activities. I have a passion for sports and fitness, drawing inspiration from my experience playing football at a competitive level. I’m also committed to personal growth and continuously seek knowledge through books, podcasts, and online resources. Above all, watching my twin girls grow brings me immense fulfilment and reminds me of the importance of cherishing precious moments with loved ones.

Clare Edmonds

Finance Manager

I am responsible for the finance department covering mainly Credit and Risk ensuring we are supporting our sales team whilst still keeping our business safe, accounts payable ensuring all of our customers are invoiced and our suppliers are paid, some would say most importantly payroll!

Key Skill Set:

A love for numbers, resilient, killer personality!

Activities & Hobbies:

I’m fairly good at Beat Saber, the geek in me loves a bit of excel learning/practice, I also love criminal psychology.

Craig Kemp

Customer Operations Manager

Deliver the customer strategy leading the industry on service and growing our product and project portfolio.

Key Skill Set:

Customer journey, Influencing change, Customer Satisfaction, leadership.

Activities & Hobbies:


Robin Shek

Retention Manager

Responsible for the growth and retention of new and long-standing customers. As a fleet management solution business, it’s my mission to provide your vehicles with the most efficient and cost-effective solution available. In this fast-paced industry we know that fuelling happiness requires more than just exceptional service. It requires a genuine passion for building relationships and going the extra mile.

Key Skill Set:

Relationship building, data analysis, industry knowledge, regulations & compliance, problem solving, negotiation, adaptability and innovation.

Activities & Hobbies:

A Scotsman who plays golf – who would have guessed…or whiskey tasting connoisseur.


Leython Wedderburn

Energy Sales Manager

I am responsible for the growth of the Energy solutions department, we are an energy broker that helps businesses secure the best energy rates and terms by leveraging industry expertise and negotiating with energy suppliers.

Key Skill Set:

Negotiation Skills (93), psychology (82), industry knowledge (94), charm (76), persistence (88).

Activities & Hobbies:

I like to grow my own fruits, veg and herbs.