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The Fuel Store Card

Our best selling fuel card. Large network. Reduced costs. Simplified admin

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Use at supermarkets and major brands

The simple choice for wide coverage

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The Advantage Card

Pre-paid card. Same great perks. No credit check

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No risk access to lower fuel prices and simplified admin

Ideal for companies with low-credit ratings

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UKfuels Card

900+ HGV sites. 190+ motorway sites

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Flexible payment terms, interest free credit

For HGV fleets and motorway drivers

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The Esso Card™ National

More than 3,500 Esso, Shell and BP sites nationwide

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Ideal for users of premium diesel - Esso Synergy

For fleets of cars, vans and HGVs

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fuelGenie Card

Get supermarket loyalty points when you fill up

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1,300 participating Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsburys supermarkets

Best choice for supermarket shoppers

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Paua EV Charge Card

Market-leading electric charge card for businesses

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Huge network of fast chargers. 100% renewable energy.

43,000 EV charge points nationwide

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Fuel Store

Reduced Pump
Monitor Fuel
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Instantly find the nearest station that accepts your chosen fuel card. We keep your moving, wherever your journey takes you.

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Included With Fuel Cards Included With Fuel Cards

Customer Portal

Complete control of your fuel card account and driver transactions, online, 24/7.
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Fuel AI

Optimise your fleet management and reduce fuel spend by 5%-9%, with data driven insights.
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Fuel fraud is on the increase. Protect your business and reduce risk by monitoring live transactions.
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The Clean Air Partnership

Focused on sustainability? Offset your carbon footprint through our Clean Air Partnership.

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Optimise fleet performance and increase visibility with our cutting edge vehicle tracking solutions.

Driver Toolkit

Our digital toolkit helps drivers and fleet managers to remain safe and DVSA compliant.

Bulk AdBlue

Competitive AdBlue purchase prices for operators of diesel vehicles and machinery.


Our energy team make it easy to quote, switch, and save on business energy.

Your Fuel Card Questions Answered

What is a fuel card?

Fuel cards are payment cards for business drivers. They generally offer better rates than forecourt prices, allowing businesses to save money on fuel cost. They allow users to track fuel spending, manage spending limits, and process HMRC compliant expenses faster and more efficiently.

How do fuel cards work?

Drivers fill up as normal and then present their card when paying for fuel. Many cards will have a chip and pin, for extra security, but all have a magnetic strip down the back of the card. Drivers authorise the payment at the kiosk, just as they would with any other payment method. The key difference is that no money changes hands at this stage. The fuel gets invoiced back to the company weekly.

Can fuel cards be used at all forecourts?

Different cards can be used at different petrol stations. Some are just for supermarket forecourts, others for HGVs or motorway drivers. It is important to choose a card that offers the best terms and coverage for your business. Our team is here to answer your questions.

What are the benefits of using a fuel card?

It is possible to improve cash flow, save money, and reduce administration time by using a fuel card. Fuel cards give drivers and businesses access to better rates than standard pump prices. As well as reducing your overall fuel cost, they allow businesses to control spending by ensuring that drivers only use approved providers (and only spend on fuel). Choosing a fuel card with good coverage also helps with route planning - which can reduce fuel spend further. Some cards come with added fraud protection and fleet management tools too.

How can fuel cards save money?

They usually offer savings on the cost of fuel. This means you will pay less than the cost of fuel at the pump. In 2023, customers of The Fuel Store saved an average of 12.5 pence per litre off forecourt prices - which can add up to a substantial saving for a small business or a large fleet.

What’s the difference between a fuel card and a credit card?

Some businesses opt to use credit cards to cover fuel costs and other spending. Using a fuel card instead of a credit card gives users preferential rates vs pump prices, avoids the hefty charges often association with credit cards, and simplifies admin by providing a HMRC-compliant invoice, with no need to stash receipts.

Who can apply for a fuel card?

Businesses of all sizes can apply for a fuel card - from self-employed business owners or sole traders with one vehicle, SMEs with fleet managers, to large businesses with huge fleets. They can be used for any vehicle that needs fuel or a EV charging.

How do I get a fuel card?

The most important thing is to find the right fuel card for your business. There are plenty of comparison tools online, but the best thing you can do is to speak to an expert. The Fuel Store offers a range of cards. And, armed with some simple information about your business, we can help you to find a fuel card that will give you maximum savings and minimum hassle.

What if I have a poor credit rating?

We believe everyone should have access to all of the benefits that a fuel card can offer, regardless of their credit rating. Our Advantage Card is a prepaid fuel card which is ideal for start-ups or companies that have a low credit score. Speak to our team to find out more.

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