Manage Your Fuel Card And Fleet Services Online, 24/7

The Fuel Card Portal puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to manage your fuel card and fleet management tools anytime, anywhere. Sign up for any of our fuel card options, and get instant access to our free customer portal.

Simplify your fleet management. Get instant access to your fuel spend and usage across your business, including driver insights and transactions, card and budget management tools, a fuel pump locator, and HMRC compliant invoicing.

Monitor Your Fuel Spend

Track weekly and monthly fuel usage across your business. Usage can be analysed by £££ or litres, or per driver transaction, for complete insight into your fuel spend.

Manage Fuel

Cancel lost cards, order new ones, and see fuel spend per active card. There’s no need to wait. Do it all online, 24/7.


Get actionable insights to improve your fleet management. Easy to use graphs provide a simple way to identify spikes and trends.

Simplify VAT Compliance

Simplify expense management and paperwork by downloading VAT compliant invoices. No need to save and process receipts.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our easy to use dashboard allows you to access fuel usage and insights anytime and anywhere, putting you in control.

Optimise Your Fleet Management

Upgrade your portal experience with a range of additional fleet management tools. Take a deeper dive into fleet data with Fuel AI, avoid costly card fraud with Fraud Guard, and ensure DVSA compliance with our Driver Toolkit.

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Fuel fraud is on the increase. Protect your business and reduce risk by monitoring live transactions.
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Fuel AI

Optimise your fleet management and reduce fuel spend by 5%-9%, with data driven insights.
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The Clean Air Partnership

Focused on sustainability? Offset your carbon footprint through our Clean Air Partnership.

3 Months Free Fuel AI

For a limited time only, new fuel card customers can unlock access to Fuel AI, completely free of charge. 

Our cutting-edge technology uses machine learning and data algorithms to analyse your fleet, providing actionable insights that can save you between 5-9% on fuel costs, and improve safety and efficiency too. 

The Fuel Store Portal: Your Questions Answered

Is the Fuel Store Portal included with my fuel card?

Yes. Sign up for a fuel card with the Fuel Store and we’ll create an online account that gives you 24/7 access to useful information and actionable insights relating to your fuel spend.

Do I have to pay for portal access?

No, portal access is included with all of our fuel cards, free of charge. You will receive your login credentials around the same time as your Fuel Card, either by email or post (depending on your communication preferences). We offer a range of additional fleet management tools that can be added to your portal for a small fee. These include: Fuel AI: A deeper dive into fleet management and driver analytics Driver Toolkit: Simplify driver safety and DVSA compliance Fraud Guard: Protect your cards from fraudulent activity. We also offer a range of standalone solutions, including: Telematics: Complete vehicle tracking and fleet management. Energy: Compare and switch to save on business energy Bulk AdBlue: The best way to save on AdBlue for your fleet

How do I access the Fuel Store Portal?

Simply head to and log in using the username and password that were supplied when you signed up with us. No login credentials? Forgotten your password? Simply contact your account manager, who will be happy to help.

What information can I find in the Fuel Store portal?

Access and download weekly invoices (and historical ones too!) Monitor daily fuel usage and patterns View monthly expenditure reports View, pay or top-up your account balance See your active cards, add new card, or cancel lost ones Get pin reminders Access trend analysis on fueling habits

Do I have to use the portal to access this information?

The portal is a simple and easy to use way to access useful information about your fuel cards - with 24/7 access, easy downloads and information at your fingertips. However, one of the things we pride ourselves on is our customer support. Your dedicated account manager is here to help in any way they can. Simply pick up the phone or drop us an email.

Is there a Fuel Store Portal app?

There isn’t an app, but the portal can be accessed on any device with a web connection. Visit and save it in your favourites or bookmarks!

I like the convenience of the portal, but I want more insights - can you help?

Yes, our portal is amongst the best the industry has to offer. For a small additional fee, you can unlock a range of fleet management tools, including additional analytics, tools for driver safety and compliance, CO2 tracking and offsetting, and much more. We also offer telematics and fraud protection tools, for complete fleet management and peace of mind.

Is the Fuel Store Portal the same as Fuel AI?

No. Fuel AI can be accessed via the portal, but is a paid for service that offers additional smart fuel insights. Using machine learning, combined with data validation algorithms and analysis, Fuel AI can drive changes in driver behaviour, reduce fuel card misuse, and create stronger accountability for fuel spend. Used to its full potential, Fuel AI can reduce fuel spend by 5%-9%

Can I speak to a person instead?

Absolutely. The portal was built for simple, 24/7 access - but, sometimes, there’s no substitute for chatting to a real-life human being! Our team is here for you, and always happy to help. Get in touch with your account manager, or call us on +44 (0)121 272 7780.

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