What Is The ESSO Fuel Card? And How Can You Use It To Add Value To Your Business

The Fuel Store provides a range of fleet management solutions for all business sizes, we guarantee we’ll have a solution that is suited to your business needs.


Our ESSO fuel cards solution, is part of a network that provides the three most popular branded fuelling stations such as Shell, BP & ESSO, allowing fleet drivers & managers to navigate routes with ease and convenience.


How does ESSO compare to normal fuel?


Our ESSO Card is the most premium card we offer, if you are looking for a fuelling solution that offers convenience and premium fuel in one place, the ESSO card is the answer to your business needs. ESSO is the only fuelling station that offers Synergy fuel; engineered to help improve intake on valves and fuel mileage.


The Fuel Store have partnered with ESSO for over 2 years as a reseller. This provides us with the amazing opportunity to not only open a wider fuelling network for our customers but also one that provides premium fuel.


What do you get with the ESSO Card?


Did you know that with an ESSO Card you are able to collect loyalty points through Tesco and Nectar at all participating stations. For every litre spent on fuel, you’ll collect one Nectar point. With a Tesco club card, you’ll collect one point for every £3 spent on fuel. You can also use your ESSO card at BP and Shell stations.


ESSO forecourts have excellent facilities that are also very visually pleasing, that are available to help with customer journeys such as rest stops, food courts, option to do essential shopping, toilets and lastly cafés. With the added benefit of having just under 6000 sites, 1584 of these are specifically designed as HGV sites and 2245 sites have 24/7 access.


As with all fuel cards that you get with The Fuel Store, you will get a dedicated Account Manager after your onboarding process has been completed. Your Account Manager will be your main point of call throughout your card’s lifespan.


As a Fuel Store Card customer, you will have the ability to apply for a credit limit on your account subject to eligibility and expenditure habits. For more information or assistance, you can contact our sales team via email or via phone on 0121 272 7780.