We Are Here For You

Life as we know it has been on hold during the Covid-19 lockdown. However, for many of our customers, especially those who work in couriering, haulage, logistics, freight, construction and transportit is business as usual. And for some, they are even busier than they were before lock down.

Therefore, our top priority during this uncertain and testing time continues to be providing an uninterrupted service. Our customers are the key links within Britain’s supply chain. Never has it been more important for fleets to get from A to B in a timely and safe manner. And the Fuellers have been here every step of the way.  

Working remotely from our homes has not deterred us from delivering our high standard of customer service. Our fuel cards continue to be distributed so that drivers have access to the fuel they need to carry out the important work that they do.   

Our Account Managers continue to be in communication with our customers to offer reassurance during this time of uncertainty for many businesses.

They aim to ensure clients are taking advantage of all The Fuel Store’s services that are available to them and which can prove useful during this time.  

Whilst we have faced mounting challenges along with many other small and family run businesses at this time, there does seem to be a continued and slowly increasing demand for commercial fuel. Our Fuel Card Specialists are still supporting new customers with getting set up with fuel solutions, which is a possible sign that some businesses are starting to return to work and/or pivot their fleets to service the pandemic response efforts of the essential services.  

When called upon, our team have made sure that new customers receive all the fuel cards they require as quickly as possible to ensure fleets remain on the road. Our dedicated family of Fuellers have been a friendly and familiar voice at the end of the phone, offering advice and support where needed to customers new and old. 

With signs that lockdown measures are set to be eased by the government following the Prime Minister’s national update yesterday evening (Sunday 10th May 2020), we are here to  help should you need any guidance or advice regarding the latest changes and how they might affect your fleet.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a query or would like to know more about our Fuel Cards and other fleet services. We are here to help you now as we have always been and as we will continue to be for the remainder of the pandemic and beyond.