How The Fuel Store’s Energy Brokerage Service Differ From Competitors

Energy brokers have always had negative connotations, the first thing that always comes to mind is additional charges, commissions, and lack of good customer service. Here at The Fuel Store, we aim to break that mould and change this perception with the Energy Brokerage service.


Why choose us?


We pride ourselves on being customer focused; providing the best experience possible which is why we have been able to grow so rapidly in such a short space of time. We have been in the industry for 6 years; this has allowed us to build some solid relationships with suppliers, allowing us to cascade the perks and benefits to our customers. With our services, you also have the added benefit of our Energy Brokerage service having no obligation to suppliers, our obligation and loyalty sits with our customers.


It costs you nothing for us to generate commercial quotes, any commission earned is paid directly to us by the supplier. What this also means is we have additional buying power, as well as having access to a preferential price book too which we can pass on to our customers.


We have access to a plethora of contracts that customers can choose from to suit their businesses requirements:

  • 2 months term
  • 3 months term
  • 6 months term
  • 1-5 year term


We have access to the national database which we use to compare your consumption with market prices, allowing us to quote you accurately based on your current consumption, not your estimated consumption. In addition to this, we also provide a bill validation free of charge. As a part of this service, such as:

  • Ensure the MPAN & MPRN registered against your account are accurate
  • Your consumption is accurate & matches the national database
  • Identify if customers were put on a fair deal based on their contractual agreements such as, unit rates & standing charges


Did we forget to mention, all quotes we provide consist of green renewable energy!


We are the modern solution to an age-old problem. It is no secret that you cannot go onto a comparison website to find a quote for commercial energy, like you can do for domestic energy. Our service will cut the time it takes to individually call up suppliers for quotes, making our customers’ lives much easier, allowing you to focus on the things that matter within your business.


For more information on the services we provide get in touch with our energy specialist via email or via phone on 0121 387 3245



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Leython Wedderburn

Head of Energy


Leython has 12 years of experience in the energy industry, for more information on the services we provide, you can contact him via email or via LinkedIn.