How The Fuel Store’s Customer Portal Can Benefit You

Whether you are a sole trader or manage a fleet of vehicles, maintaining and managing admin for accounts can be time-consuming at the best of times. Finding information that is relevant to specific departments or information that you urgently require can be quite tedious. In order to improve our customer experience, which we highly value at The Fuel Store, we have created a customer portal that ALL our customers can use to manage their fuel card accounts in one place.


Our customer portal allows users to have control over their accounts by monitoring various key elements that are important to them! Need to check how much you’re spending on a monthly basis? No problem, our customer portal allows you to do exactly that.


What can you use it for?


Good question. Our user-friendly dashboard has been designed with simplicity, so navigation shouldn’t be an issue. Below is a list of some of the useful features it can be used for:

  • Access and download your invoices weekly
  • Monitor daily fuel usage and patterns
  • Allow you to view monthly expenditure reports
  • See the current balance on your account
  • Card list
  • Pin reminders
  • Trend analysis on fuelling habits
  • Allow Fuel Card customers to top-up online or make payments onto fuel accounts


There are so many great features on our dashboard in addition to the above that haven’t been named. More importantly, you can really utilise it to draw out the data and information you want to focus on. Did we forget to mention the dashboard is unique to you, each report you see will be personalised based on your account.


Incorporating smart fuel tech, such as Fuel AI, this itself has been pioneered in a way that ensures The Fuel Store has an industry-leading portal. Again, focusing on being user-friendly, Fuel AI is a tool that can be used to access driver behaviour. For more information on Fuel AI click here.


How much does it cost?


Absolutely nothing. Once you have an account with The Fuel Store, as an additional benefit you will have access to it after the registration process. You will receive your login credentials around the same time as your Fuel Card either by email or post depending on your communication preferences.

What else does it do?


We are consistently evolving and improving the functionality of our portal, by adding features that are useful to you. Need to fuel up? No problem, the portal will allow you to choose sites to fuel up at that are economic for the driver’s journey.


Our bespoke customer portal was designed with our customers in mind, giving them more control over their accounts in addition to adding more value for money in comparison to our competitors. For more information on our customer portal click here, alternatively why don’t you get in touch with a member of our customer service team via email or via phone on 0121 387 3238.