How Telematics Can Improve Fleet Efficiency

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, now more than ever, fleet managers are looking for ways to prioritise financial efficiencies. It is key to running a successful fleet. Therefore, an important aspect of fleet management needs to involve telematics.

Having recognised how crucial fleet telematics solutions are in helping our customers achieve better fleet efficiency, The Fuel Store has partnered with Trakm8, a UK based innovative provider of fleet management technology. This therefore allows you to gain a Total Fleet Management Solution.

By incorporating our existing business fuel card offering with Trakm8’s innovative fleet management telematics products, customers can now receive data insights on vehicle health and performance. This therefore helps you to secure maximum ROI from your fleet. As well as to give grounds for encouraging more eco-friendly driving habits from your teams.

What is telematics?

Telematics is the monitoring of vehicle location, movement and status of a vehicle or fleet. 40% of commercial businesses use fleet telematics, which can save on average 12% in annual fuel costs. Fleet tracking, for instance, helps to reduce speeding events and fines.

By utilising the data collected, it is possible for fleet managers to optimise vehicle movements and fuel consumption, which in turn, reduces the cost per-mile.

Along with cutting costs, telematics will also help to reduce carbon emissions, improve road safety, and boost productivity across your fleet.


How does telematics solutions work?

A GPS-enabled tracking device is installed on each vehicle in the fleet. This collates and transmits tracking data to obtain deeper vehicle performance data.

The Fuel Store can provide fleet managers with two options; The Connect 320, which is our small and simple cost-effective option; and The Connect 430, a compact and robust device, which is engineered specifically for the insurance and fleet sectors.

Once it is installed, the data can be managed 24 hours a day, or if the vehicle is in use in real-time.

Our telematics solutions come with a Connectedcare package included at no extra cost. Connectedcare provides customers with true odometer readings, service intervals, prognostics and diagnostics.

Telematics improve fleet performance

Whether the fleet’s purpose is deliveries or employee use, telematics products will benefit the delivery of goods and the timeliness of staff. This improves the reputation of the business which leads to more business in the future.

Commercial telematics will keep tabs on servicing needs and on the actions of drivers, which in turn means vehicles are less prone to breakdowns.

Fleet managers can also be informed of how a vehicle is being driven. For example, unnecessary acceleration by a driver can contribute to extra costs.  Managers can then decide on whether driver training and welfare is necessary.

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