How Advantage Cards Can Assist Start-Up Businesses

Here at The Fuel Store, we aim in helping businesses, by offering a variety of fleet management services. To help manage your fleet, there are a variety of fuel cards we can provide for your specific business needs.


The Advantage Card – How does it work?


Starting a new fleet can be both exciting and a nervous experience. Helping in this new beginning, the Advantage Card is a handy tool to assist with building credit. With this card, a prepay facility is available, allowing you to pay for fuel or top up as you go 24/7.

You will have access to weekly fixed prices at a discounted rate through the advantage network and with there being no contracts, you will have total freedom in how you use your card.

Notifications are sent every Friday afternoon regarding your weekly fixed prices, and you will have your own dedicated Account Manager providing you with account advice and insight.

Your card pins and personal details to access your online portal will be sent to you separately.

Invoices and other personal information can be found on your personalised online portal allowing a simple paperless process. Here, you have access to a site locator telling you about stations local to you and those compatible with your chosen card type. These useful tools and features have been built to make using your cards a simple and more efficient process.


The Application Process


Applying for this card uses the same, simple process that is used if you were applying for any of our other cards.

You will only need your bank information when you set up fixed direct debit payments if you chose to use this payment method. Payments can also be made by the following methods:

  • Debit Card (any value – minimum: £50)
  • Credit Card (any value – minimum: £50)
  • BACS (any value – minimum: £50)
  • Direct Debit (fixed value taken on a Tuesday)




To qualify for an Advantage Card, you will need to be a registered business. These criteria are being reviewed by Credit Control. For more information or assistance, you can contact our sales team via email or via phone on 0121 272 7780