New EV Charge Card from The Fuel Store

The Fuel Store has added an electric vehicle (EV) Charge Card to its range of fuel cards. The Paua card is compatible with more than 43,000 EV charge point connectors and offers users access to 73% of the UK’s rapid charging network. 

The Fuel Store offers a comprehensive range of fuel cards and solutions designed to simplify fleet management. The addition of the Paua card is a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation and expanding accessibility to electric vehicle charging options

EV charge card to support transition to electric fleets

Jamie Bridgen, CEO at The Fuel Store commented “We are thrilled to have teamed up with Paua to offer an EV charge card to our customers. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in November last year 77.4 per cent of the new BEVs (battery electric vehicles) on the road were fleet or business-owned, so the market is undoubtedly growing. By adding Paua to our range of options, we are now able to assist businesses in seamlessly transitioning their fleets to electric vehicles, while still having access to the customer support and fleet management tools that we have become known for.”

Fuel Cards and Fleet Management tools

The Fuel Store also offers a range of diesel fuel cards, with options covering supermarkets and major fuel suppliers. As well as helping to reduce fuel spend, customers benefit from access to an intelligent platform for in-depth fuel spend insight, HMRC-approved VAT invoices, as well as a suite of fleet management and optimisation tools, such as telematics, Fraud Guard and CO2 emissions data. With petrol and diesel fuel cards also available, the new EV card completes a product range that services multi-fuel fleets. 

As well as an easy one-tap charging process, users of the Paua card can access an interactive charge point locator and map, allowing them to easily find the nearest EV charging stations for efficient recharging. With a network of 43,000 charger point connectors at more than 13,000 locations, charging is simple, fast and convenient. 

Servicing multi-fuel fleets

Niall Riddell, CEO at Paua commented “Collaborating with The Fuel Store is a significant milestone in enabling multi-fuel fleets to access the UK’s largest EV charge card whilst continuing to fuel their diesel vehicles. This partnership aligns with our mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and empower businesses with sustainable, cost-effective fleet management solutions.”

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