COVID-19 Pandemic: We Are Keeping Our Nation’s Fleets on the Road

Here at The Fuel Store, we recognise that the work we do directly contributes to the success of the UK economy and is an essential part of our customer’s supply chain in ensuring you can keep your fleets on the road.  

During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, never has this statement been more true. We have taken every step necessary and are working harder than ever to keep our services running to make sure our customers can keep their fleets on the road. 

Our customers are some of the key links within Britain’s supply chain, delivering goods to ensure shelves continue to be stacked, raw materials continue to be supplied, ultimately ensuring our nation’s heart continues to beat. We are here to support them with their efforts, and we are here for you, too. 

Being a family run business, we are also being impacted by the challenges facing all of us at this timewe understand the pressures that businesses around the UK are facing. This has made us more determined than ever to give you peace of mind by delivering uninterrupted and highly effective services to manage your fuel expenditure.

 Your fleets need to be kept moving and our customers and the wider fleet community have oucontinued support. We will ensure fuel cards are distributed and your drivers have access to the fuel they need to carry out the important work that they do.  

Providing uninterrupted service to our customers remains our top priority

Where possible, we have ensured our employees can continue their vital roles safely at homeUtilising remote working technologies, our teams can continue to work alongside one another and are proving that even in such challenging times, our Fuellers have unwavering commitment to ensure outstanding service continues to be delivered at this crucial time.  

 If you need our support or assistance you can continue to contact us via the usual channels. We are here to support you as we always have been. 

 In times like these, families must come together and support one another, and the Fueller family is no different. We are confident that the steps we have taken mean that we will be able to continue to deliver our essential services 

On behalf of The Fuel Store family, we want to say a massive heart felt thank you to all of those who are putting themselves at risk to keep vital services running.