3 Ways Customer Service Can Boost Fleet Performance

According to the Institute of Customer Service’s research, the UK customer satisfaction index has fallen to the lowest level since 2015. However, when looking at data on why our customers join The Fuel Store, the majority put it down to the fact that our team gets to know their customers and their needs. Nine out of ten customers stay with us because of the level of service they receive from the very first contact.

There’s always lots to consider when selecting a fuel card provider. Whether it’s helping you manage your expenses more effectively or making sure your drivers are safe on the road – you want to go in with your eyes wide open. If you’re looking to switch fuel card provider or are re-evaluating your priorities, here are our top tips on what to look out for when it comes to customer service.

Dedicated account managers – right when you need them

When looking at benefits, customer service doesn’t always spring to mind, however, with great customer support, you will not only get peace of mind when it comes to managing your business fuel expenses, but you will also free up time, that will allow you to focus on getting the most out of your fleet.

Having a dedicated account manager based in the UK, who makes it their business to know your business, can make all the difference and is what sets The Fuel Store apart. It is easy to get lost in the crowd when the sales team becomes your account manager. Their priority is to bring in new business, which means creating a partnership to make sure you get the most out of your fuel card and its value added benefits, is less on their radar. However, having a dedicated account manager will bring you ease of mind while on the road.

A dedicated account manager will check in with you from time to time because they genuinely want your business to do well. They follow up to see how they can help you maximise your fuel efficiency and offer detailed reports into spend as well as transaction history. Their goal is to create a reliable, transparent partnership with you, which will take the stress out of managing your fleet. A dedicated account manager will have more time to get to know you and your business’ needs to be able to offer you the best solutions. The Fuel Store is built around core family values and we carry that into everything we do, bringing us closer to our customers. We understand that businesses have different challenges and requirements. Whether you draw 10 or 10,000 litres a week through The Fuel Store Card or the Advantage Card, your account manager is there to help you manage your fuel spend for the long haul.

Intuitive software that’s easy to use

Having a fuel card that’s easy to use, and with the right information whenever you need it, can be a game changer. A user friendly dashboard with everything available at your fingertips will not only give you what you need, but also give you a clear breakdown of your fuel spend. Fuel cards are a great way to combat damaged or missing expense receipts. With a single weekly consolidated invoice and an online dashboard, it becomes even easier to manage your company’s fuel spend.

Through The Fuel Store’s online account management portal you can view and download invoices, and create bespoke transaction reports. You can also manage your existing fuel cards as well as order new ones. The online portal gives full control over your account 24/7, which allows you to put a temporary stop to a card whenever you need, in case it’s missing – or request a pin reminder for those moments where your mind just goes completely blank. The online platform allows you to submit queries to invoices and transactions which goes directly to our Customer Support Team offering quick resolutions and clear visibility through easy communications channels.

Data driven insights to boost performance

There are many options for managing your fleet and optimising performance. Installing a telematics system will allow for a much greater understanding of your fleet. It analyses driver behaviour and vehicle health to help you take a strategic approach to fleet management. Optimising route selection and keeping a close eye on driver behaviour sees a 39% reduction in accidents as well as 35% less speeding incidents. Ensuring vehicle service is up to date by scheduling preventative maintenance based on telematics insights will not only keep your drivers safe. It will also help avoid taking your vehicle off the road for longer periods if time. Adding a telematics solution to your account at The Fuel Store will see lower carbon emissions, a reduction in insurance premiums and help maximise driver efficiency.

Partnering with Trakm8, The Fuel Store gives you a 360 degree insight into fleet management. By combining fuel spend management with telematics insights, we become your total fleet management solution taking your Fuel Store account to a completely new level. With telematics you will have better visibility and the ability to take control of your fleet to boost their performance and make the most out of their journeys. From simple reports, you can plan capacity and help optimise driver performance by offering the right training and support.

Make the right choice

When taking on a fuel card, price is often the most important deciding factor. However, making sure that you understand what your fuel card can do for you through the value added services it provides is just as important. It will save you valuable time as well as help you improve your fuel spend through detailed data insights and transparency.

Switching between suppliers to chase the best deal will cost you in the long run. It takes time and effort to keep up with which supplier has the best rates. It isn’t conducive to your productivity and causes confusion with drivers when changing cards week on week. Making sure your fuel card benefits are working for you is paramount and will not only allow you to focus on making the most out of your fleet, but will also let you be in total control of your fuel consumption. In turn this will provide you with cost savings and help you boost your fleet’s performance.

Knowing what makes nine out of ten customers stay with The Fuel Store makes us better equipped to become your trusted partner. It puts us in the lead to develop new solutions and continue to support you, whatever you may need.

Contact your account manager or reach out to us on 0121 272 7780 to see how we can support your fleet goals, or visit our services page for more information.